PROMO Kit Small Businesses 50 Surgical - 30 Duck Mask - 10 Sanitizers 250 ml

PROMO Kit Small Businesses 50 Surgical - 30 Duck Mask - 10 Sanitizers 250 ml

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  • 508 Airway protective surgical mask: t3 veils with CE certification


  • 10X SANIDERM Ready-to-use gel for hand cleaning and sanitation - 250ml

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EC Surgical Certifications 


SANIderm Gel ready to use for cleaning and sanitation of hands - 250ml 70% ETILIC ETILIC PURISSIMO

Gel ready for use based on pharmaceutical grade ethyl alcohol, cleanses and hygienizes the hands instantly, is indicated for frequent use.
It does not need rinse and acts effectively in a few seconds leaving the skin of the hands soft and fresh. Its formulation is particularly effective for cleaning and sanitizing the hands from possible contamination.

Particularly suitable in the hospital, medical and all-environment
where maximum hygiene is required. It is recommended to use it in the absence of soap and water to cleanse and sanitize the hands, after contact with surfaces and objects manipulated by others, after contact with public transport surfaces, toilets, stations, after handling money, etc. 

Pour about 3ml of product (two runs of the manual dispenser) directly onto the palm and back of the dry hand; fry the palm and back of your hands evenly. Evaporate in seconds. There is no need to rinse.

alcohol, aqua hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, xanthan gum.

Cosmetic product for external use. Don't ingest. Keep out of children's reach. It contains hydrogen peroxide and ethyl alcohol, avoid contact with skin, mucous and eyes. In case of contact rinse abundantly with running water. Keep safe from any combustion source.