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An Energy 4.0 Srl Brand

The brand MASCHERINE ITALIANE STORE was born from the intuition and enthusiasm of the two friends and entrepreneurs from the Italian Region of The Marche, Jonathan Paolucci and his company Gi&Gi International that boasts 40 years of retail activity, and Linda Breccia with Energy 4.0 srl, excellence in The Marche Region in the field of plant engineering and renewable energies.

They both understood the needs imposed by the critical situation of today and have been able to provide a timely and effective response to market demands, in such a difficult time globally.

This brand today sees the precious collaboration with the FABI spa company, an excellence from the Marche region specialized in the fashion sector, a guarantee of reliability and high product quality. The combination of entrepreneurial ability and dynamism led in a short time to the creation of masks of various types, comfortable, pleasant to wear and of high quality.

All the products born from this partnership of entrepreneurial spirit and experience in the fashion sector are characterized by a superior appeal compared to what the market is currently able to offer, as in addition to the CLASSIC MASKS we find those CUSTOMIZABLE WITH LOGO.

There is also a KIDS LINE with captivating models, but always with the utmost attention to safety.

A SANITIZER LINE presenting various options formats and dedicated SANITARY ITEMS are produced and marketed, thanks to the collaboration with important pharmaceutical companies.

To respond in real time to the great market demand, CE certified high-quality imported items have been temporarily added to Made in Italy products. These products have also passed a second certification stage in Italy.

To date, the company has been able to produce and distribute protective masks and accessories that have fully met the expectations of more than 2000 customers.

Distinctive signs of our reality are the seriousness and precision in delivery times, which on average are around two / three working days.

Our motto is "UNION IS STRENGTH" and we are confident that our enthusiasm combined with the excellence of the FABI brand will lead us to constant growth, with products that are always evolving, ready to meet the requirements of each individual customer, calibrated on the needs that these times impose on us.

However, we will also remain open to future opportunities, with products that will respond to market demands in better historical moments than we are currently experiencing.